Corporate travelling is crucial to building & maintaining business relationships — while it needs to be managed efficiently & cost-effectively.
At Dreamland Travel, we offer you corporate travel management services that optimize all your business trips not only in terms of cost & time, but also make them as smooth and successful as possible.

We specialise in business travel and have developed specific services for all corporate employees with business travel responsibilities. We offer efficiency, cost-optimization and flexibility - before, during and after your trip. You have our word!

Enjoy the benefits of a strong partner and let us book your first-rate business trips at best prices Dreamland Travel is your comprehensive business travel management service company.
With a professional team of experienced & friendly travel consultants, state-of-the-art travel reservations technology, and a global network of Lufthansa City Centers, we are your turnkey solution.

Corporate Travel Benefits With Us:
  • 24 hours accessibility, 07 days a week, anytime, anywhere .

  • Assistance at airport

  • Our ability to understand the global corporate traveler and his specific needs

  • Personalized service and attention to minor details with a quality check

  • Constantly updated client profiles

  • Frequent flyer management program

  • Our commitment; 100% customer satisfaction

  • A team of experienced Corporate travel professionals with an ability to handle all aspects of corporate travel