Fare Rule

Domestic Sector Tickets:
Any change to a confirmed ticket issued on INR fare including cancellation, postponement, and change of itinerary must be done at least four hour before a flight. When a ticket is reissued from a higher to a lower fare, a re-issuance charge of INR 100 is levied, irrespective of whether there is any change in sector/class of travel. A documentation charge of INR 100 is levied when a confirmed ticket is processed for refund. (This applies to Normal Class Fares only.)

50% of Basic fare is charged in case of cancellation of confirm tickets for refund within four hour of departure or No-show for Full fare tickets.
Cancellation charges do not apply to INR fares for domestic tickets.

International Sector Tickets:
Tickets for international travel are subject to cancellation charges specific to each sector. Related details are available at our offices, airport ticket counters and from our authorized travel agents.

Refund of Tickets:
We will refund the value of tickets purchased by you from our offices or airport ticketing counters directly to you. Refund shall be processed as per the mode of payment made. If the ticket has been paid for in cash, we will refund the amount in cash; and if the ticket has been paid for by credit card, we will issue a credit slip.

Tickets issued outside India will be refunded in the country where the ticket is purchased. The refund with regard to a ticket issued by a travel agent can only be done through that travel agent.

Cancellation Refund Policy

Normal Fares J & Y class tickets

Refund & Cancellation
• Waitlist, INR or Infant Tickets nil cancellation charges.
• Open Tickets - nil cancellation charges.
• Confirmed Tickets Cancelled at least 4 hour prior to Departure - nil cancellation charges.
• Confirmed Tickets Cancelled for refund within 4 hour of Departure or No-Show 50% of the basic fare.
• Refund / Rerouting Charges of INR .100/- will be charged on CONFIRMED TKTS cancelled at NIL Charges.

However confirmed tickets cancelled even within 1 hour of departure can be revalidated for travel within the next 24 hours without any cancellation charges. This facility is available only once, failure to travel will be treated as NO SHOW & no further revalidation allowed.

Solar Fares
K, T, U, E, X & N class tickets

Fares published in INR tariff can be applied to Indian Nationals/ Foreign Nationals/ NRI for sales and ticketing in India.

Child and Infant Discount
Not permitted.

Cabin Class