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Philippines one of the popular island nations of Southeast Asia is located in the western Pacific Ocean. This country officially called Republic of the Philippines is neighbored by Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Borneo. It is composed of around seven thousand islands spread on a vast area, among which eleven are major islands while top two islands are Luzon and Mindanao. This group of islands is located around eight hundred km from mainland of Asia. Mountains of Mindanao and northeastern portion of Luzon are covered with dense rainforests, which nurture a wide range of wildlife. I have recorded around five hundred bird species including the largest eagle called “Philippine eagle”, which is the national bird of the country. Huge varieties of orchids and flowering plants are the main attractions of these forests. The major islands are having low coastal planes as well as huge mountain ranges. Major income of the nation is the foreign exchange earned by the Filipino expats employed overseas. Tourism of the country depends mostly on the natural attractions, since infrastructure has still to be improved to attract more tourists to this island nation. It is a major rice producer like its Asian neighbors and some of its rice terraces are the best tourist attractions. Other attractions include lush green forests, heritage houses in Vigan, shopping centers in the metro cities, serene sandy beaches and diving sites at Palawan.
Manila is a best shopping hub where one can go on a shopping spree and use his bargaining skills. Along with the modern shopping complexes traditional shopping centers spread around the city borders are unique places to buy local luxuries. Mindanao Island is popular for the tallest mountain called Mount Apo, which is densely forested and holds more than two fifty bird species including the national bird. Mount Apo is the main attraction of trekkers and hikers. Manila the cosmopolitan capital is the gateway to this group of islands. Nino Aquino International airport in Manila is just seven km from the city center and is one of the busiest airports in the world which is connected with world’s major destinations. Along with stunning places to visit, there is one more thing about Philippines that you will enjoy during your visit, and that is the hospitality of these people with an everlasting smile.

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