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Vietnam which is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Hanoi the capital city is the second largest city, whereas Ho Chi Minh popularly known as Saigon is the largest city and the former capital of the country. Topography of Vietnam shows five main land regions Northern highlands, Red river delta, Annamite mountain range, coastal lowlands and the popular Mekong delta. Mekong the mighty river flows through a large territory of Vietnam. Varying altitudes and variety of landscapes favors an inconsistent climate changing from region to region. Best time to visit Vietnam is during December to April and October to March. Tourism in Vietnam is capturing good grounds after the bitter experiences of long time war and political instability. Modern Vietnam nurtures tourism as the important source of foreign exchange increasing the tourist influx every year. The statistics of tourist inflow shows a steep rise in tourist arrivals. Vietnam like its neighbors is a stronghold of Buddhist Mahayana School with Christianity on the second number. Due to nearness and repeated Chinese occupations Vietnamese culture seems to be influenced by the culture of Southern China as well as the Hindu cultures of Champa and Khmer empires. Even the Vietnamese language shows an impact of Chinese.

French colonization and American invasion has left their mark on the Vietnamese society, which is best demonstrated by the popularity of coffee and baguettes among locals. What tourists like about Vietnam tourism is it's untouched and unexplored natural beauty in the form of dense forests, mighty rivers, river deltas, ancient temples, world heritage sites and it's amazing wildlife.

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