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Las Vegas can be described in many ways. Over a period of time, this city in Nevada state of the United States of America has developed into a major entertainment centre. Often called as world's entertainment capital, Las Vegas is a place where anyone can have an exciting time. Those who are seeking plenty of enjoyment would not have to go anywhere else, as they can find several entertainment options at one place. For individuals who have an appetite for gambling, there are many casinos to choose from. All their favorite games like Slots, Bingo, Roulette and Blackjack can be played in them. People who are not interested in casinos can find many other options for making the most of their trip by embarking on a sightseeing tour or relaxing in an elegant spa. A stay in Las Vegas can be made equally exciting with an accommodation in one of the elegant hotels of this city.
Experts believe that human presence in this region dates back more than 10,000 years. The first known inhabitants of Las Vegas were Paiute tribes, members of which exist even today. The very first non-native to enter this area was Rafael Rivera from Spain, who was a part of an expedition to open a trade route between New Mexico and California. He named the place 'Las Vegas', which means 'The Meadows' in Spanish. In the following years, the city witnessed development of railroad and gradual increase in gambling activities. Though gambling was outlawed by authorities in 1910, it got legalized in the year 1931. When the construction of Hoover Dam began, plenty of unemployed workers descended upon this region. Casinos and Showgirl venues opened up in certain parts of the city to attract workers for construction work. By mid-twentieth century, many casinos had sprung up in Las Vegas; followed by numerous hotels and resorts to attract tourists. In the years that followed, massive resorts and complexes were built in this city. Today, it has achieved worldwide fame and there are many who consider it as a gambler's paradise. Leisure tourists can also find many interesting places to visit in this region.
Tourists come to this city from different parts of the world with great expectations of having an exciting and fun-filled trip. In order to live up to this expectation, constant replacements and novelties are added by its hotels, resorts and casinos. Over the past few years, Las Vegas has been fairly successful in getting rid of organized crimes by certain mobs. Glitz and glamour in this city continues to grow bigger and better with innovative designs in newly-constructed structures and shows that attract a huge audience. Though it is yet to become a family destination, adult entertainment in this place is certainly worth the money spent. Hotels and resorts in the region not only provide luxurious rooms or suites for stay, but also offer variety of delicious cuisines. Once considered as a wasteland, the kind of transformation that has come about in Las Vegas is truly commendable.

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