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Turkey is the most alluring country on the confluence of two continents. The unique thing about Turkey is it is the seat of western modernism with a traditional touch of the east. Turkey tourism is backed by the great tourist potential this country conceals in its cultural and traditional landmarks. Istanbul located on both sides of Bosphorus, which is the narrow trait between Marmara Sea and the black Sea, is Turkey’s financial and cultural center. Istanbul tourism revolves around the beauty of its historic past. It is spread on the Northwestern Marmara region with the trait dividing it into Thracian the European side and Anatolian the Asian side. It is looked upon as the cultural as well as physical bridge between Europe and Asia. Known first as Byzantium in the historic times it acquired many names till the establishment of the Turkish republic. There is a great past associated with this country and is bound by many traditional and cultural links. Today’s Istanbul is located on the strategic meeting point of Bosphorus, Marmara and the Golden Horn. The city as per its location has a Mediterranean and humid subtropical climate in accordance with its proximity to the oceans. This is the place where you can clearly experience influence of the west and the east on the culture, languages, and many other aspects. The region preserves some of the best examples where Roman and Genoese architecture lie side by side to their Ottoman counterparts. This city backed by history of around 2500 years is an important commercial center located on a location where the land greets the ocean. This city can be reached conveniently from any corner of the world. Ataturk International Airport is the gateway to enter Turkey from Istanbul. This airport which is located just twenty five km from the city center is sufficed with all the facilities a traveler needs like exchange bureau, banks, restaurants, shops and bars.

Turkey culture shows a great combination of diverse elements which are extracted from the Ottoman, Byzantime, European and Middle eastern traditions. Facts about Turkey tell us a long story of its geographical wonders, history of Turkey and the adoption and influence of western life observed in its lifestyle. Turkey Information is a vast chapter from which some of the details about Istanbul are extracted and described below under various headings.

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